Reflecting on 2016

The past is behind, learn from it. the future is ahead, look forward to it. The present is here, live it! 

As 2017 hurtles towards us, I think it's important to look back on the year that's just passed. We all say that time flies, yet when I think of all the things that I've done in the last 12 months, I can't believe we fitted it all in! So much has happened and I've been on so many incredible adventures - I'm so glad we have photos and videos to keep our memories safe and to relive them regularly! So here's a look back on my travels in 2016. 

Guatemala - what an incredible country! My highlight was exploring Tikal and the Mayan temples and I'd love to go back one day to visit Semac Chimney as we didn't have time for it in our itinerary.

Australia - a whistle-stop tour included Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and a hop over to Auckland visiting lots of wonderful friends down under! 

Chicago - I was blown away but the windy city. So full of energy, culture and amazing restaurants! My highlights from this trip have to be my first baseball game - the Cubs in their winning year, and the Bean at sunrise! I'm so glad I got out of bed and I've made it my mission to get up at sunrise on one day of every trip I go on from now on! 

Croatia - such a fun holiday with family and friends. The islands we visited were just stunning and we had so much fun exploring! 

VEGASEveryone knows that what goes on in Vegas stays in Vegas but 4th of July spent with these beauties was a memorable one! 


Italy - a whirlwind weekend break in Tuscany and we managed to shoe horn a little road trip as well on the way down to the lovely Lucca.

London - I love the fact that every time I visit the city where I grew up, I discover something new while catching up with my favorite people in the world - best friends and family. The weather gods played ball this year and I had an amazing time in the scorching sunshine in September, and in the crisp winter over Christmas.

Miami - always a pleasure and another place that reveals another layer with each visit. In November I saw my first Heat game! 

So that wraps up an amazing year of travel with another great one ahead! Hope you're had fun following the blog this year - thank you for reading, for your support and kind comment. Wherever you are this evening, have a fantastic new years and see you for lots more adventures in 2017!