Top 5 wake boarding tips for beginners

As summer approaches and the wind dies, we look for no-wind activites on the island. Tennis, bootcamp and swimming are popular options as is making the most of the calm waters and wake boarding :)

Over the last few weeks we’ve had a lot of guests visiting and we’ve ventured out onto the North Sound after work for some epic sunset sessions on the water.

Most of my friends have some experience or they snowboard or surf so they know how to control a board but even those that have done it before sometimes need a refresher, and so I've found myself repeating the golden rules that someone taught me when I was a first timer. Back then I didn’t kitesurf, I can’t really confess to being able to snowboard properly and essentially I had no place attempting to float behind a boat with a plank of wood strapped to my feet. But I got the gist pretty quickly thanks to these 5 top tips:

1. Lie on your back in the water with your knees bent and get a good grip of the handle with both hands. Relax. Your elbows should be slightly bent, with your arms hanging over the top of your board either side of your knees.

2. When you’re feeling comfortable, signal to the boat that you’re ready.  Keep your bum in the water as you start to move forward. Point your toes up to stop the board from sinking.

3. Don’t pull the handle while you’re moving as this will also lead you into sinking (probably head first).

4. Once the boat accelerates, allow your bum to reach your heels (you'll be in a ball shape) and gradually allow your legs to straighten until you're standing up. Do not try to muscle up to your feet. Allow the boat to pull you and lean back against the rope so the board can glide easily over the water

5. You’re up! You’ll naturally figure out which foot your want to have in front so don’t give that another thought!

Relax and enjoy the view! Have fun!

learning to wakeboard