Taste of Cayman, 2017

Taste of Cayman might just be my favourite type of festival - forget rainy fields, mud and soggy wellies (which don't get me wrong, have their place), think delicious treats, warm summer nights and water taxis! DISCLAIMER: Hunger inducing photos coming up (lots of them!) 

The annual festival opens it's doors at 5pm so I set sail in the golden hours of the afternoon.

My handsome limo driver at the helm.

Arriving just as the crowds were assembling, but before (i'm told) the queues.

The event takes place out on the green at Camana Bay, which is laid out with countless tents lined up side by side, serving morsels of deliciousness to hungry and willing taste testers.

We grabbed a high top and two refreshing Grey Goose cocktails in the Camana Bay VIP tent while we waited for my friend Sophie to arrive - the perfect place to watch the sun go down and sample some delights from the pop up tapas kitchen set up by Anchor & Den.

Finally I found the one I'd been looking for! 

And we set off around the green to check out some of stalls. Desert BEFORE main? Oh go on then.

Before getting all sensible and scoping out some savouries - because tacos from Sunshine Grill are ALWAYS a good idea.

With the title of "Restaurant of the Year" up for grabs, vendors take the festival very seriously and put their best foot forward, serving up inventive and beautifully presented bites...some going the extra mile to drum up attention!

The Westin's lamb bao and the Seafire's salted caramel brownie got my special seal of approval, but the standard everywhere was outstanding. The chef's enthusiasm was infectious and rippled through the crowds of happy revellers.

As night fell, a very generous serving of fireworks lit up the dark skies placing the cherry on top of a fantastic evening.

Taste of Cayman food and drink festival guide www.caribbeansnowflake.com.png