Tearing around Ontario

From Montreal, we flew to North Bay, a small town in Ontario, approximately 400 miles north of Toronto. Fact of the day – it was cheaper to fly from Montreal to North Bay VIA Toronto, than it was to buy the leg from Toronto to North Bay on it’s own! So you should ALWAYS spend time researching flights from different destinations. If you can be flexible you may end up seeing more of the world for less money than you would spend making what seems like a more straightforward journey. In this case going to Montreal and then onto North Bay worked out cheaper than flying directly from Grand Cayman to North Bay so we made a bonus city break out of it!

Sorry I got distracted. Back to the great white north. We left North Bay almost as quickly as we arrived (there’s not much to see, you can take my word for it) and allowed ourselves to get whisked away to a place that belongs in a Disney movie – a beautiful log cabin nestled amongst snowy trees, overlooking Eagle Lake.

The house belongs to my bestie’s parents who are like family to us, so as soon as we’d stepped across the porch we felt like we were home.

Eagle Lake family

The main activity up in this part of the world during the harsh winter is snowmobiling. For some, it’s a means of transport but for many its just a sport or hobby. Our hosts have been riding for years and soon had us kited out with all of the necessary layers, balaclavas, mitts, helmets and atop roaring machines. We were off!

It's not a sexy sport...

It's not a sexy sport...

After exhilarating days out on the trails, there was little in the way of evening entertainment other than eating and playing games which was fine with us because we'd come to spend time with friends. One night, however, our hosts arranged a little curling tournament with the locals in the nearby town of South River. After a run down of the basic rules and a little practice it was time to play. We were absolutely, totally and utterly RUBBISH! Luckily we had some talented locals to carry us through and show us how it’s done!

It's the taking part that counts right? It's snow fun otherwise….