Simple and spectacular beach wedding

Beach weddings are unlike any type of other wedding. They just ooze romance, relaxation and effortless beauty, particularly when you place them on one of the world's best beaches - which is where our friends chose to host their wedding last week - and we were lucky enough to get an invite! The Cayman Islands are pretty much as far as you can get from Perth, where the happy couple are originally from. As the grooms father pointed out, Timbuktu would have literally been closer, yet still over 80 people travelled to join them on Cayman's white sands for their 3 day celebration. A testament to the incredible people these two are.

It’s been a couple of years since he slipped a sparkler on her finger and in that time they've moved continents, jobs and settled into a new life here in the Caribbean so it’s not surprising that when it came down to organizing their nuptuals they let someone else deal with the logistics! Save the Date did an incredible job of dressing the Wharf with simple décor, allowing the backdrop to do most of the talking.

Although with a bride as stunning as this you really don’t even need a backdrop.

It was amazing to share in such a happy occasion with this gorgeous couple who were introduced to us just over 18 months ago, but friendships on a small island are fast to blossom and this duo are truly loved by friends from all of the places they've lived in the world.

After the ceremony we watched the sun sink into the horizon as the light danced across the water and everyone made the most of a quick selfie opportunity.

Of course we couldn't let those that couldn't make the trip miss all the fun!

As the champagne flowed, delicious food, hilarious speeches and a few classic games loosened the crowd before we took to the dancefloor.

The only way to get us off it was with a short interlude for fireworks.

Before we raced right back to the stage.

The very next day the party continued in the sunshine at Royal Palms over bacon, eggs and large sugary cocktails, recounting good times from the big day.

There was no room for getting carried away however, as this event was a marathon rather than a sprint and on day 3 we hopped aboard a party boat headed for Stingray City and Starfish Point to show off some of Cayman’s highlights to the visiting tourists.

One hell of a wedding weekend for one hell of a couple followed by a serious hangover.

Congratulations guys. You rocked it.

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