Out of the kitchen goes out of this world

A couple of weeks ago we were invited to attend the Out of the Kitchen dinner at the Ritz Carlton . Having worked in marketing for the food & beverage industry for a number of years, I have always heard about the event but never had the chance to attend. Until now :) 

The Out of the Kitchen concept basically involves restaurants from across the island setting up a "pop-up" kitchen in the ballroom of the Ritz Carlton and hosting a dinner party. Each year there is an over-ridding theme for each restaurant to interpret in their own way - this year it was Lion-fish in an attempt to promote the catching and cooking of the coral-destroyers! 

We were excited to join Anchor & Den's table for the evening as the funky restaurant located at the Marriott Grand Cayman Beach Resort is always pushing the boundaries with imaginative food menu's, cocktails and decorative details and their pop-up was no different. The theatrics started before the actual event as I was gifted an appointment to have my hair braided to fit with the Frida Khalo theme for the evening, before the real fun began. I've always thought that I could braid my own hair but I loved the hairstyle the incredible girls at the "braid bar" came up with and I would never be able to recreate it myself! If you're planning a bit night it's well worth paying them a visit! 

Finally it was show time - Welcome to El Milago, Anchor & Den's newest culinary experience! Building on the success of their "El Mercat" tapas night, the imaginative team have put together a delicious menu of authentic mexican street food.

The table was set for a street party with exquisite attention to detail. We took our seats and enjoyed beautifully crafted cocktails while the event's introductions and raffle took place. The event is organised by Cayman's culinary society which serves to promote the Cayman food & beverage industry, recognise excellence and educate the next generation of talent - something we were happy to support, especially when we won a prize! (still not sure what it's for....stay tuned!)

Then it was down to business. 6 courses flowed out the kitchen erected at the end of our table as our talented chefs produced plate after plate of food that would be better placed in an art gallery.

Fresh tortillas filled with all sorts of delights such as crispy octopus and juicy steak.

Just when I was starting to think I could eat another morsel, handmade chocolates arrived in the most darling of trinket boxes.

The vibrant table decor, energetic waiters, delicious food, fabulous company - everything about the evening was absolutely on point and I'm so excited about going back to Anchor & Den for another authentic taste of Mexico.

Check out Sophie's Pineapple dress outfit details and post from the event over on  LusticLife

Check out Sophie's Pineapple dress outfit details and post from the event over on LusticLife

Book in a date night now, braid your hair and get ready for a culinary adventure!