Nursery design and baby shopping

So yup….we’re actually having a baby. GULP. Of course we’ve always wanted a family and we designed the Dream House with that in mind, but now it’s actually happening - which means I have a big fat belly and a room to re-decorate! :)

The Pinterest and baby shopping world is insanely overwhelming - there is so much paraphernalia you could be convinced into thinking is essential as you prepare yourself for the unknown. Luckily with a close-knit island community and several mummies in my Cayman family I was given a pretty concise list of things I really need so I could be efficient in my shopping for “baby stuff” and concentrate on decorating!

The “baby’s room” already had a blue accent wall which set the tone for everything else I picked to go in it - and luckily we’re having a boy! I decided to do away with the double bed that we’d furnished the room with before we fell pregnant, and replace it with a daybed that can be used as a couch but easily converts into a double bed when required - and my old fave Ikea happened to have something that fit the bill exactly.

I’ll do a full “reveal” post when the room is finally ready but for now I wanted to share the design plan and all of the bits I’ve collected to put it together! If you’re wandering how to do your own mood boards, I don’t use any fancy programs and it’s actually really easy! I start out old school, taking photos of things I like in shops, tearing out magazine pages and collecting inspiration on Pinterest. Then I narrow my choices down in good old powerpoint - you can drag all of your images onto a slide, click on the picture and select format “remove background” to get rid of the white space around objects and layer your items. It’s not super professional, but it’s easy and it gives you a good idea of what will or won’t go together. Then, to make sure that everything’s actually going to fit in the room I measure, measure, measure and measure again. My tape measure must be wearing thin from overuse but I cannot emphasise the importance of measuring enough! If you have an empty room you can use masking tape on the floor to mark out where furniture will start and finish to make sure you have space to walk between everything. If you can’t access the room in real life it helps to draw scale floor plans of each room and map out you furniture plans that way.

So anyway, I didn’t really have a theme in mind when I started planning the nursery, I just wanted a functional space that I could add accents, toys and books to once the baby arrived. Here’s what I bought:

Shop the look:

  1. Dresser. Comes in 1000 pieces and requires some serious patience ***a strong marriage*** to assemble but it’s worth it for the price, quality and incredible storage capacity!

    1. TOP TIP: Buy some drawer organisers to keep everything neat and tidy inside!

  2. Daybed. Looks great and makes for a super comfy couch which is what ours will mainly be used for, but the drawers also slide out to make a full, king size bed - AND the drawers can store all the bedding! Genius!

  3. Storage / Laundry basket. I actually bought three of these in different colour combo’s because I know they’ll be super useful for the endless laundry and for throwing toys in

  4. Baby bouncer. I just chose something that was affordable and not offensively bright coloured. It has great reviews so crossed it’s also effective!

  5. Backback. I wanted a backpack that my husband would be happy to wear. We tried a load on in Buy Buy Baby and eventually ended up ordering this from Amazon.

  6. Nightlight. I’ve been advised that when entering the babies room at night I won’t want to switch the main light on…plus it looks super cute!

  7. Monitor. Purchased purely based on recommendations - we were told that economising on a monitor is in fact a false economy and you want something that has a decent screen, a long range and you can add cameras to as your family grows…gulp…

  8. Cushions. Because you can never have enough! In any room!

  9. Picture Shelf. I love how these look and will be using them both for displaying pictures and books. I also think I’ll put more up in the long run to showcase kids arty masterpieces.

  10. Metal Sign. I actually picked this up in Homesense and didn’t really have a plan for where I was going to put it but now it’s hanging in the babies bathroom and it’s perfect!

  11. Globe. Because I intend on raising a jet setter and I’m going to have all of my close friends sign it! It’s pretty small and fairly plastic but it will do the job!

  12. Drawer Pulls. These really transform the Ikea units into unique furniture pieces

  13. Cot. I trawled a lot of reviews and this consistently came up trumps. At a price point I was happy with, I like the mid-century design and the fact that it’s grey (it comes in a few different, all fairly neutral, colours) and it converts into a toddler bed when the little one grows up. It’s available from all leading baby retailers and Amazon but I ordered from Wayfair just for ease of reclaiming sales tax (which you can read more about in my post here)

I’ll do a full bedroom reveal soon but it’s coming together rather nicely :)

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