New Year, Better You

So it's the new year, and everyone's busy making resolutions. New Year, New You seem to be the buzz words flying around but I'm not sure why we feel the need to start from scratch or wipe the slate clean? I know that 2016 was tough for a lot of people in a lot of different ways but still, as long as we grow and improve ourselves each year isn't that the goal?

One of my favourite quotes is "a goal without a deadline is just a dream" and it's one I tried to keep front of mind as I set my 2017 resolutions. I've decided that as well as reaching for the stars this year, I'm going to place a larger focus on setting achievable, weekly goals that I can track easily. Challenging yet realistic is the name of the game. 

So here they are:

resolutions 2017

1. Play the piano more. This was on my 2016 resolutions list but, although I started out strong, I let myself go at the end. So this year I'm going to try and set aside 1 hour during the week and 1 hour at the weekend to really get back into the swing of playing regularly.

2. Eat a decent, preferably homemade breakfast every day. I always eat breakfast but more often than not it consists of a banana on the run followed by whatever I can get my hands on mid morning. This year I'm going to get organised and make overnight oats or smoothies to keep me going until lunch.  I was inspired last week by one of my favourite blogs and I've been busy stocking up and pre-preparing juice packs so there's no excuse!

3. Do more yoga and stretching so that I can do the splits and hold a proper bridge (crab, whatever you want to call it) with ease. I'm horrified by how inflexible my body is, considering the fact that I still boast about having been a "gymnast" and a qualified coach while I struggle to touch my toes. That needs to change and I'm going to start with 10 minutes of solid stretching every, single, day. 


4. Reduce my carbon footprint. Watching Before the Flood really had an impact on me at the end of last year and I've already stopped eating as much beef as I used to but I want to do more. We already recycle but I will look for more ways to reuse and reduce the amount of waste we produce. I need to remember my own shopping bags (so many times I'm at the checkout and they're in my car) and do small things like cutting back on the amount of plastic cutlery I use and taking my own sip cups to bars on the beach that give you a new plastic cup with every drink - it's these little things that seem so insignificant that all add up! 


5. Device free Wednesdays. The hubby and I implemented these a couple of years ago - one night a week when looking at your phone is completely banned. We both really enjoyed it but soon we slipped back into old habits, so we're reinstating them and this year we're going to stick to it! I genuinely love social media and particularly Instagram but we all need time away from the world online! The rules are clear - no devices after 6pm. Unless we're researching a trip together, all electronic devices, including the TV are off limits. Time to chill out, relax and chat about nothing in particular. We're taking it a step further this year and have agreed to go to bed earlier on week nights to read or just get a longer sleep. Without our phones? Hopefully!

What are your goals for this year? 

new year