5 things you must do in Little Cayman

I've blogged before about just how perfect Little Cayman is as a weekend break for Cayman residents or as part of a longer trip for visitors. A 35 minute flight from Grand Cayman, Little Cayman is famed for it's diving and it's what attracts most visitors to the island - but there's so much more to this tiny piece of paradise and while it's tempting (and totally permitted) to spend your entire stay in a hammock, you might also want to try something a bit different...we just got back from a weekend on the island so here are my favourite activities from our trip! 

1. Paddle out to Owen Island

Hire a kayak or a paddle board and head across the bay to the uninhabited islet just off the southwest coast. Whether you're seeking peace and quiet, adventure or romance, Owen Island is unlike any other - it's truly paradise. Imagine you're Robinson Crusoe, bask in the sun or take a walk around the entire island (approx 1 hour and bring shoes if you have sensitive soles!) then relax with a beer or a picnic. Most accommodations in Little Cayman offer Kayaks or you can hire them by the hour from the resorts. 

Owen Island Little Cayman

2. Hire a Scooter

Four wheels move the body, two wheels move the soul! You can do a whole lap of Little Cayman in an afternoon on scooter and there's plenty of places to stop and explore along the way including the pristine Point O Sand on the island's east end, Salt Rock Dock for views of the sunset, Salt Rock Nature Trails, The National Trust visitors centre and a little lighthouse.

Hire a Scooter Little Cayman caribbeansnowflake.com

3. Plan a picnic

Deserted shores make for perfect picnic spots. Grab a takeout sandwich from the Hungry Iguana or pack your own fare and relax on your own private patch of paradise!

4. Sing Karaoke

There's not much in the way of "nightlife" in Little Cayman but once a week the bar at the beach resort comes to life for Friday night karaoke - it's holiday entertainment at it's finest as a TV from the 80's is wheeled out into the middle of the outdoor bar and holiday-makers belt out classics with little regard for their own talent level. It's hysterical. 

5. Relax!

The number one activity in Little Cayman! Listen to the sounds of the ocean, nap in a hammock, read a book, play cards, gaze at the stars, stare at the oceans, listen to the birds....just do nothing. 

We spent a heavenly weekend staying at Paradise Villas a week ago and each time we go I'm amazed to discover a new and different side to the tiny island - I can't wait to go back!