A kitesurfing adventure

We've been living on this island for 6 and half years and given it's tiny size, you'd be forgiven for wandering whether might be bored of it by now? Well I'm not bored. EVER. More than that, there's actually still a tonne of activities that I want to try that I haven't done yet!

You've probably also gathered that I like to kitesurf - a lot. During the windy season (which spans Cayman's "winter" from November to April) it's unusual for me to spend my weekend's doing much else. The main kitesurfing spot up at Barkers National Park is one of my favourite places to hang out in the world, and it's usually where we head to as soon as the wind blows, but every so often it's nice to mix it up - so during a particularly windy week earlier this month (it's been a fabulous season so far) a few of us decided to take up the challenge of kitesurfing from Rum Point to Barkers. The wind direction was perfect, the sun was shining and we were ready for an adventure! 

Now I won't try to pretend that we were the first group to come up with the idea of attempting the crossing - plenty of other local kiters have done it and to be honest I'm not really sure what took me so long! It's a relatively safe downwinder which can easily be completed in an afternoon, and so off we went, a group of (mostly) excited first timers, over to Rum Point full of adrenaline and excitement.

Cayman Ferry to rum point

We took full advantage of the new ferry service that runs between Rum Point / Kaibo and Camana Bay to get over to our start point. It's an awesome shuttle for anyone looking to spend a few hours on the other side of the island, to escape the strip or explore Camana Bay and Seven Mile if you're staying over on the North Side. The boat is speedy and comfortable, even on very choppy days and for $16 one way, or $20 (CI) return you complete the crossing in roughly 20 minutes.

Safely on dry land at our launching point we prepared our kit and set off! 

Kitesurfing as a means of travel is quite different from kitesurfing around in one place, and while it's something I learned on our trip to Brazil a few years ago, it can take a while to get to grips with it! Luckily we were with an accomplished crew and before long the whole team was up to speed and we were making good progress across the water - looking out for each other and our equipment on the way! Safety first! 

It took us just over 2 hours to make the journey - quite a tiring achievement! 

Having safely arrived at our destination it was time for some very well deserved beers all round! 

I put together a little video using some of my Gopro footage from the day - part of the "Another Day in Paradise" mini-vlog series I started putting together last year. What do you think? Should I keep making them? Check out my YouTube channel and give it a thumbs up or subscribe if you do! 

For now though, I think its time to plan another adventure and find another new activity to tick off the list...what will yours be?