The sparkling new Seafire

On a small island, new shops, bars and restaurants are a BIG deal. So when a brand spanking new, luxury boutique hotel opens you drop everything and you go and check it out – immediately. The Kimpton Seafire Resort & Spa opened it’s doors a month ago and since then most of Cayman's population has flocked like moths to a flame to give it the once over - including us!

Pulling up along the sweeping driveway to the elevated entrance you’re greeted by effortlessly cool doormen donning laid back shorts and polo shirts (not a tail or top hat in sight). They must hear people gasp a million times a day as they pull open the glass doors to the lobby and the quirky interior which leads out to the most amazing view across the pool to the Caribbean Ocean. It is simply spectacular.

The lounge areas attached to the lobby are chock-block full of local arts and crafts, including an authentic catboat suspended from the ceiling! 

Kimpton seafire lobby catboat

Warm timber flooring and furniture are combined perfectly with colourful and modern accents - basically everything I want from my dream home. 

We arrived just as the sun was setting and as day turned to night, we made our way to the hotel's main bar and restaurant, Ave. It's fun to explore the resorts many landscaped pathways which also host little "chill out" nooks and seating areas. 

The bar itself is bright and buzzy, particularly at happy hour as the bartenders fire out a dizzying array of delicious cocktails - there's 5 different spins on a gin and tonic alone, involving strawberries, raspberries and thyme in various combinations - all of them fabulous! 

We didn't stay for dinner but I went back the next day for breakfast with the girls which I LOVED. The only place on island where you can enjoy a long, lazy breakfast and sit outside and look at the sea. At $25, the buffet plus one a la carte hot option, is pretty reasonable and the selection is not overwhelming. Highly recommended.

kimpton seafire ave breakfast
breakfast view kimpton seafire

There's 3 other food and beverage options on the property - Avecita (the chef's table experience within Ave) the pool bar, and Coccoloba down on the beach, where you can relax on a bean bag with a refreshing cocktail or dine out on mexican inspired menu items with your feet in the sand. 

I've yet to try any of them for lunch or dinner so stay tuned! I have however had coffee from the Pantry and that was fabulous - prices compare to other coffee houses on the island AND they have cronuts! Enough said?!

coffee pantry seafire

And the rooms? Well I haven't actually stayed in one but I did snoop around a friend's and palatial is probably the word I'd use! With sweeping views of the ocean available from all sides of the hotel no one can really complain, but the suites at the front of the hotel which look out to Seven Mile Beach are the most sought after. With two balconies to chose from and a HUGE bathroom, I soon found out that I was in an accessible room - worth asking for if they're not in use! But what really stands out about this hotel are the little details and features. A pink accent wall in the toilet, beautiful carved bedside tables and pillowy soft bedding. It wasn't really my place to take too many photos but if you can judge a suite by it's bathroom, you can imagine what the rest of the place looks like!

I can't wait to spend more time at the Kimpton Seafire and I think you should too! 

Have you been yet? 

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