Celebrating 4th July in Texas

One of the reasons we decided to buck the trend and head to Houston for the long weekend rather than one of the more popular weekend break destinations such as Miami and New York, was because Houston is known for having one of the best 4th July celebrations in the whole of the USA. After all, everything is bigger in Texas.

Numerous events are sprinkled across the city and it’s suburbs to celebrate the holiday but by far the biggest is the festival which takes place every year, right in the centre of Downtown on the banks of the Bayou river.

Freedom Over Texas is the Major of Houston's Official July 4th Celebration and sees over 40,000 people come out to Eleanor Tinsley Park to watch live bands on one of the 4 stages, before turning their heads to the sky for the fireworks.

We decided to avoid comatosing ourselves with more fast food and grabbed a snack at Batanga Tapas bar before heading to the festival. (HIGHLY recommended! The mushroom croquettes held my mans’ preference over Chorizo. That’s vegetable over meat people. They are that good.)

By the time we got to the park most people were already settled on blankets and chairs as we climbed over their camps to get closer to the main stage and listen to Clint Black headlining. Armed with a couple of Bud Light's we attempted to blend in.

freedom over texas 2015
Freedom over Texas stage

I for one had serious guitar envy

As the sun set and light faded you could feel the excitement building in anticipation of the firework display – a 20 minute show had been promised on the schedule which I was convinced was a lie. But just like with everything else, Houston exceeded my expections. It was by far the most incredible display I have, and probably ever will see. Set to music which just served to amp us up even more, rockets fired and filled the sky with dancing lights and as crowds cheered.

4th July Fireworks Houston

Finally the show was over and as we scraped our jaws off the pavement, we made our way back into the real world and the buzzing streets of Downtown, to take in what we’d just witnessed over a few pints of local craft beer at the Flying Saucer. If you sample all of the 240 beers on offer at this funky pub, you get a plate with your name on it hung on the wall. That's my kinda challenge! 

All in all it was the perfect way to end a perfect, all American, day. 

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