Hiking in the Blue Mountains, Jamaica

On our second day morning in Jamaica we tore ourselves out of bed to meet Dave, our Rasta guide for the day, who promise to lead us down the mountain, back towards Kingston, weaving through local villages and farms before ending up at Gordon Town.


Following Dave was an education into our surroundings. There wasn’t a type of plant, flower or fruit that he didn’t know the name or origins of and he was excited about telling us about all of them.

Starting with a cocoa pod that he tore fresh off the tree.

Yep the stuff that chocolate comes from. Did you know that if you crack it open and suck on the squidgy stuff (technical term) which cushions the beans it tastes like passion fruit? Sweet and syrupy - we couldn’t get enough. If you’re not into sucking, you can extract the beans and make chocolate tea, or roast them and turn them into chocolates. What a clever little pod!

Further down the trail we also saw pineapples, oranges, lemons, limes, mangos, avocados, tomatoes and ackee, crossing bridges and jumping rocks before arriving here.

Hot and bothered in the soaring temperatures closer to Kingston, we were keen to jump in alongside some of the locals who had come out for a Sunday swim.

Back up the mountain the clouds had rolled in and made for a rather moody sky as we made a beeline for the pool deck.

It wasn’t really sunbathing weather so instead we tried walking on water to pass the time.

Before jumping in to enjoy the view one last time.