12 awesome things to do in Cayman during the hot summer months

The summer months (June-September) in the Cayman Islands can get piping hot and during the dreaded hurricane season, steamy afternoons often give way to afternoon showers but that's no reason to hide inside in the A/C or be discouraged from visiting.

If you’re scratching your head looking for something new to do outdoors without bursting into flames, or you’re considering a holiday and wandering whether this is a good time here are some top tips to convince you to give rainy season in paradise a chance!

1. Take a boat trip

boat trip cayman

Nothing cools you down like a trip out onto the ocean. With the wind in your hair you can enjoy the seven mile beach coastline on a catamaran trip with Red sail, or head to Stingray City for a swim at the sandbar

2. Book a fancy hotel.

Many of the hotels slash their rates during the summer months so you can bag yourself a bargain at one of the beautiful properties on Seven mile beach.  

3. Unwind at a spa.  

Photo courtesy of Vanity Fair

Photo courtesy of Vanity Fair

Make the most of day spa deals during August and September as smaller outfits, outside of the big hotels look to drum up businesses during the slow months. Or go the whole nine yards and check in to the Silver Rain spa for the whole day enjoying the jacuzzi, sauna and steam room before heading up for your treatment and unwinding in the relaxation area with a magazine afterwards - it's pricey but it WILL make you forget about the outside world.

4. Swim in the rain

It might be pouring down outside but it’s still hot and as long as there’s no lightening around, embrace your inner child and dive in!  

5. Go snorkelling

snorkelling cayman

Often overlooked by locals as "something to do" Cayman is surrounded by some of the world's most beautiful coral reef and many of it can be accessed via a short swim from the shore. Two shipwrecks sit on the ocean floor just in front of the country's capital, George Town just waiting to be explored and colourful fish surround you as soon as you jump in.

6. Book a long brunch

Cayman is famous for it's brunches and come Sunday it's almost impossible to find a restaurant serving a regular breakfast or lunch. All you can eat buffets running from 11am and into the afternoon serve up incredible food and the option of unlimited bubbles so you can sit back, relax and enjoy fabulous food and drink in the comfort of air conditioning. Prices range from $40-100 offering some of the best value dining you'll find on island.

7. Workout on the water

paddle fit cayman

Try something new by signing up for a paddle fit or sup yoga class and enjoy a full body work out on the beautiful Caribbean ocean. It's the most beautiful gym in the world! 

8. Take a diving course

Take advantage of rainy afternoons to swot up on your PADI and get certified when the skies clear so you make the most of the world famous scuba diving right here on the shores of Grand Cayman and the sister islands.If you're already a diver, take your skills to the next level with a night diving or advanced course.

9. Visit the crystal caves

Photo courtesy of crystal caves cayman

Photo courtesy of crystal caves cayman

One of the newer attractions on island is getting raving reports as the network of caves takes you inland to explore a different side of the island, away from the ocean.

10. Get Locked Inn

locked inn cayman

Challenge your brain and your buddies as you chose one of 4 escape rooms in George Town - will you get out of the pirates cellar or solve the deadly outbreak? 

11. Enjoy afternoon tea

Both the Marriott and the Ritz offer afternoon tea - the later in the traditional format with a tower of sandwiches and sweets in the palace-like surroundings of the Silver Palm lounge, while the Marriott has put a quirky twist on tradition with a Mad Hatters tea party, perfect for groups if you want to catch up with girls. Inspired by Alice's wonderland, guests are welcomed with a magic potion followed by cakes, cocktails, canapés and other treats. 

12. Cool off with a cocktail

cocktail cayman

If all else fails, there are many fantastic watering holes along Seven Mile beach where you can escape the heat or the rain. Grab a frosty cocktail or a refreshing beer and relax! 

What's your favourite summer activity?


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