Getting the most out of your GoPro

I’ve had a GoPro for the last 5 years – starting out with the very first model which if I’m honest lost its sharpness and appeal fairly quickly. Anyone that had one of the first versions of the Gopro will know that the battery only lasted about 4 minutes (slight exaggeration but it was bad) and after a few uses the picture started to get dull. Without screens or wifi it was impossible to know what you were shooting and, when mounted on a helmet, we often found ourselves using up our 4 minutes of power on shots of the ground or the sky.

We ended up abandoning that first Gopro, leaving the brand to deal with their growth spurt and the pains attached with developing a new product, and turned to the Sony Action Cam which was gifted to us as a wedding present. It was an awesome little camera and we loved the ease of use, battery life and picture quality….until the waterproof casing failed (after approximately 18 months of intensive use and I assume they're also better now). 

Taken with the Sony Action Cam

Taken with the Sony Action Cam

Time to give the Gopro another chance! I will admit that during our little break, I still followed GoPro on social media and obsessed over all the amazing vids and pictures that friends were taking with the newer models so I was super excited when we ordered our Gopro HERO4 silver. It was like welcoming an old friend back into our home and we’ve never looked back.

We ordered the new camera with a GoPro pole (you can now get them with wifi remotes built in!) and dug out our old accessories. The ones we use the most are the chest mount and the remote and if you buy a GoPro make sure you download the mobile app – it’s a bit tricky to get connected and figure out how it all works at first, but once you’ve used it a couple of times you’ll get into the swing of it and it’s a game changer! I used to rely on taking screenshots from videos to get stills but not any more! The App acts as a second screen and when you're ready to shoot just click the shutter button as you would with a regular phone snap. 

Recently we’ve also invested in a new line mount to take birds eye pics of kitesurfing - I was nervous about it at first as there's nothing to seemingly hold the mount onto the lines, and it does spin around a bit with the weight of the camera, but overall it gets some cool angles. 

And the new baby – the GoDome. These things are AWESOME!

They basically work by giving the tiny camera a MASSIVE lens. Not only do you get an awesome perspective over and under the water, it also keeps annoying little water droplets away from the main lens and distorting the image.

It's the best little gadget for capturing adventures and making memories - so grab a GoPro and get outside! 

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