Getting the perfect engagement and wedding photos on the beach

We got married this year, in Poland where my family originally come from. The old city of Krakow was an incredible backdrop for our big day but as we now live on a tropical island, I really wanted to have some sort of link to our current home and some pictures on the beach. So I was thrilled when good friend, and pro photographer Amy Strzalko offered to do a photoshoot for us.

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She convinced us to do an engagement shoot first and I’ll be honest, I was fairly hesitant about it. For starters we were talking about doing it 4 weeks before our wedding, and over a year after we actually got engaged. Secondly I thought it was hopelessly cheesy and self-indulgent, after all, how many photos of us did we really need? Well, I take it all back. Self indulgent or not, I’m unashamed to say that I loved every minute of the shoot and the photos even more so. Amy is an absolutely genius at what she does, she made us feel comfortable and relaxed and the laughter you see in her pics is 100% genuine.

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Then, when we returned to Cayman, happily married, I donned my dress for the second time for a romantic sunset shoot at a beach nearby to our favorite kite spot. We finished the day by jumping off the dock – bride’s beware, wedding dresses are heavy when they’re wet! But being saved from the waves by your new husband makes you feel like a bond girl :) and if anyone’s photographic skills are going to make you even vaguely look like one, it’s Amy’s.

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