Christmas dine around

Given that so many of our friends live on our road (perks of island life!) we’ve been trying to stage a progressive dinner for the best part of a year and finally succeeded last weekend – perfect timing for a festive get together! What's a progressive dinner you ask? Essentially a bar crawl but you go around your friends houses in turn and everyone serves a dish. 

Eight households were given a timeslot of 30-45 minutes each to serve a food dish and a drink of their choice. The theme? Christmas of course!

First stop – Santa’s Island grotto

Complete with festive accessories, the grotto served mulled wine and nibbles to warm everyone up and keep hunger at bay while the sun went down in the backgroun.

No time to get comfy though, we were soon off to our next stop led by the evening's mastermind and her Christmas wand! 

Stop 2 - Time for hearty chilli and Southern Belle cocktails at the Christmas hoedown! 

Third stop – Having moved from the area in recent weeks, our old neighbours docked their boat back as it's old home and hosted a floating fiesta! Fresh ceviche washed down with lime jelly shots! 

Fourth Stop - The mexican theme continued as margaritas kept flowing and we took on the Christmas piñata!

As the paper flip flop burst open, stacks of sweets spilled out onto the street and among them fell mouth organs and whistles which were immediately swept up for an impromptu, sugar and tequila fuelled musical performance! 

Jingle Bells on a choir of Kazoos never sounded better! 

The chorus then advanced to the fifth stop where it was our turn to host – Polish Wigilia complete with home made pierogi, vodka and singing around the piano.

Sixth stop – Tapas, cigars, dancing....and more singing... at the North Pole

Seventh stop –nearly at the finish line, we rocked up at James’ house - only James wasn't home, so we dressed up as James to fill the void! 

Eventually we made it to the eighth and final stop – ham sandwiches for a midnight snack and a hot tub. Sorry team but I don't have any photos of this one - I'd had 8++ drinks....

SUCH a fun night with incredible efforts from all stops - a progressive dinner is so much fun and I can't believe it's taken us so long to try it! Moving around really takes the pressure off one person hosting for the whole evening and you get to try lots of different things. Can’t wait for the next one!

If you want to host your own progressive dinner, here are my top tips:

1. Assign a theme - it definitely added a lot of fun to our evening and I think everyone made a little extra effort with decor and dress as a result

2. Divide up entrees, mains and deserts. We didn't and as a result we ended up with a lot of savoury and no sweet. Not the end of the world but when you're dining on 8 courses you may as well make sure you're covering all bases!

3. Have water on hand! Something else we forgot - 8 stops = 8 drinks. Celebrate responsibly peeps! 

4. Give someone the job of timekeeper. 45 minutes goes pretty quickly but unless you keep things moving you have no hope of completing all your stops in one night


Have you ever been to or hosted a progressive dinner? I'd love to hear about your experiences!