Corporate Tennis at the Ritz Carlton

Somewhere around the beginning of Autumn at a drinks party, someone uttered the words “we’re going to enter a team into the Corporate Tennis League this year” to which I responded “I’d love to get back into Tennis - I used to love playing “(as stated in my self-report) . Somehow that hazy, wine-fulled conversation resulted with me taking a place on the team representing Cayman Management (for whom I definitely do not work) with a bunch of other, well lets be honest, misfits.

 Team Cayman Management....and friends....

Team Cayman Management....and friends....

The format of the tournament is straightforward and focused on fun. Each team presents 3 doubles pairings for each match - 1 pairing must be female. Matches are only 1 set and deuce is sudden death. Every point counts. But it’s not only honour and glory at stake with each game , the losing team has to sweep the clay courts at the Ritz Carlton upon which the tournament is played – hard work after what is usually at least an hour of intesnse exercise, while the winners relax with a cold beer.

We attacked the B League with gusto and came out of the first 3 rounds almost undefeated and continued our winning spree as our rusty skills improved over the season. Eventually a clean-sweep win against the Philippine Tennis Club in the Semi’s propelled us into the final against a strong team from PwC. The heat was on. As the evening drew to a close it was 1 game all – the girls winning and the boys b-team losing. The trophy was now resting in the hands of the men’s A-team match. It was impossible to determine who would come out on top as the boys went into a tie-break and at 8-8 you could have heard a pin drop amongst the slightly inebriated cheerleading squad.

Sadly it wasn’t our night and PwC took the title at 10-8 in the tie break. But we’ll be back in the spring and I for one can’t wait.


To anyone considering picking up their racket again I can’t recommend it enough. The league was great fun, incredibly well spirited and it was awesome to spend extra time with friends. It’s just smashing :)