Cool things to do in Grand Cayman - Ceramic Painting Classes

A couple of weeks as everyone was dressing up as witches and skeletons, and some were getting their faces painted for the Day of the Dead, I found myself facing a couple of weekends on my sofa as, now 7 months pregnant, forgive me for not jumping up and down with joy at the thought of inebriated crowds in sweaty bars…

That was until I was invited to a ceramic painting class! I do have a little bit of a creative side - I enjoy drawing, painting, photography and interior design - so a ceramics class was right up my alley, although the classes are advertised as being suitable absolute beginners. I absolutely love the handmade items that the talented trio at 3 Girls and a Kiln sell and have picked up a lot of gifts from their beautiful store in Camana Bay, but I’ll be honest that I always thought their events were reserved for kids….

Lo and behold, it’s actually the opposite! The girls readily admit that they prefer to have adults and wine in the store after hours and their passion for their craft is infectious.

All of their classes are $50 and include the item you paint, all of the materials, instruction and a few nibbles. BYO wine means it’s perfect if you’re looking for something different to do with the girls.

After a quick intro you’re let loose on your blank canvas..

3 girls and a kiln class

Take it from me - ceramic painting is definitely a lot harder than it looks because (duh) plates, bowls, mugs etc are not flat so the paint can run, and you have to be quite exact - which means teeny tiny paintbrush and max concentration….

I was fully engrossed and 2 hours absolutely flew by - I honestly could have stayed for another two - but I’ll have to save my enthusiasm for another time! Satisfied with our respective designs, we were done for the night and our masterpieces ready for the kiln!

Sadly you can’t take your crafts home straight away because they have to be baked and varnished - but it just makes the fun last longer and I was super excited to pick up the finished product a week later, presenting it proudly to my husband and giving it pride of place among my “fancy” bowls in the kitchen like a cocky pre-schooler.

3 girls and a kils craft evenings

If you fancy trying your hand at a bit of ceramics, I can’t recommend the classes enough - grab a bottle and a bestie and enjoy!

Or, if you’re not feeling creative yourself, check out the gorgeous things at the store in Camana Bay - all handmade here in Cayman. They have some beautiful Christmas bits too!

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