Another Day in Paradise - Batabano review

I wrote a post last week about Cayman’s carnival, Batabano, with tips on how to survive the madness! Well, last weekend was mad! Over 4,000 people took to the streets to bump and grind their way along the main strip into central George Town, adorned in bright, feathered and beaded costumes.

I snuck into a friend's house in the morning to get a look backstage at the prep that goes into getting ready for da road…. Starting with hair......

batabano hair style

Followed by makeup....

And finally beads!

Not forgetting a healthy dose of bubbles.....

I had to take a step back when I opened the front door for risk of passing out with the perfume and hairspray fumes! It was a hive of activity until finally everything came together and.... Ta-Da! 

The girls were ready to go, as was their chariot....!

The next time I saw everyone was about half way along the parade route when the party was in full swing!

Just another fun day in paradise.

batabano 2016