Tips for planning a weekend in Little Cayman

I've written posts about our trips to Little Cayman in the past and as we were preparing for our most recent trip, it dawned on me that many Grand Cayman residents, and the vast majority of stay over tourists, really have no idea about what they're missing by not visiting the smallest of the three Cayman Islands. 

Most people don't realize how affordable and regular the 30 minute flights are and how easy it is to get away for a weekend. So I thought I'd put together a little guide:

1. Book flights well in advance if you want to leave after work on a Friday and return on a Sunday night. There's only 18 seats on the teeny plane so key times on weekend flights get booked up. If your schedule is a little more flexible you can usually find seats at the last minute. Cayman Airways express is the only commercial airline servicing the sister islands. 

cayman airways express

2. Decide whether you want to fend for yourself or go all inclusive. The accommodation options range from simple self-catering to 5-star resorts. We've always had a great time at the Conch Club which gives you the best of both worlds with a fully fitted kitchen and the option of wandering down the beach to dine at the resorts use a sort stroll in either direction. The best value self-catering accommodation is at Paradise Villas which has a restaurant on site, while those looking for a hotel experience can book a room at Little Cayman Beach, or if it's all-inclusive luxury you're looking for, check into Southern Cross Club.

3. Pack a cooler! The island's grocery is available for the essentials, and I'm not suggesting you attempt the flight with a pack of eggs in your suitcase, but if you're planning on cooking you are allowed to check in a cooler so it's easier to bring most of your ingredients with you. Besides, who wants to spend time food shopping on holiday?! There's also a liquor store but prices are high so I'd recommend bringing your wine and spirits and supporting the locals with any beer or additional purchases.

4. Take a pack of cards and some board games. There's little in the way of evening entertainment on Little Cayman so evenings are reserved for a glass of wine and family time. And lots of napping.

5. Set time aside to explore! Give Scooten' Scooters a call and hire some wheels to take you around the island. Point of Sand at the northern-most point is a great spot for a picnic or a bit of raft building if you're that way inclined! 

scooten scooters

6. Bring a good book. Lazy days by the pool or swinging in a hammock are ideal for losing yourself in a good novel and forgetting the rest of the world exists.

relaxing little cayman

Little Cayman is heaven on earth. If you're still not convinced, perhaps this recap of our Christmas trip will help swing the needle.

little cayman weekend