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If you follow me on Instagram, you'll know that I haven't actually left Cayman recently, and I haven't just returned from Austin, but I did love the place when we visited earlier next year. A few weeks ago Molly got in touch asking if she could put together a little guide to her favourite city in Texas for my readers and as it's such a popular weekend break I thought it would be a great post for this blog. I hope you enjoy it - let me know what you think! 

So you’ve found yourself in Austin for the weekend?! Lucky you! This city has so much personality that’ll win you over by the time those 48 hours come to an end. Vintage signs, colorful walls, and friendly folks don’t even begin to cover the magic of this funky city. Get a taste of the capitol city of Texas, and you’ll find out why I love it so much. Hope you brought your stretchy pants because you’ll be eating as much of Austin as you can. Happy travels!


7:00pm: You've arrived! Head to a late dinner at Odd Duck. This place is poppin’ on weekends, so grab a cocktail at the bar while you wait for a table. 

10:00pm: Pop over to Rainey Street or 6th Street for a slew of bars. Make sure to go to Clive Bar for reasonably priced (and delicious) cocktails!


8:00am: Early bird gets the worm! Wake yourself up with a cup of joe from Bribery Bakery or Seventh Flag Coffee. You can’t go wrong with any of the coffee shops in Austin, but you’ll far hard for the adorable interior at Bribery Bakery and the fantastic brew at Seventh Flag. 

9:00am: If there is one thing Austin knows well, it’s food. Go to Hillside Farmacy for a delicious brunch in a cute setting. This place is an Austin classic!


11:00am: While you’re in East Austin for brunch, you will not want to miss East Austin Succulents or Paper + Craft Pantry. Pull your wallets out; you will find it hard to resist the abundance of prickly friends and paper goods comin’ your way.

12:30pm: Assuming you’re still full from brunch, head to Lady Bird Lake to burn off those brunch calories and experience the Austin nature. Whether you’re walking the 3, 4, or 10-mile loop, paddleboarding or kayaking, there’s something for everyone here!

2:30pm: Snag a late lunch at Josephine House. A popular Austin spot, Josephine House usually has a wait, but you will miss the lunch crowd going at this hour! The marble counter is divine. 

4:30pm: Take a tour of the State Capitol and learn about our history! 

5:30pm: Go find all the iconic walls in Austin. Graphic, colorful walls dance around practically every corner in Austin, so you’re sure to find a slew of ones worthy of Instagram shots.

6:00pm: Eat a quick dinner at Zocalo Café. Quick and casual, Zocalo is worth the stop for its quality food.

7:00pm: Spend your night either catching a concert at the Long Center on the lawn or watching the bats fly out on Congress Ave Bridge.

10:30: Late night snack time! Head to Gordough’s Pub for donut sandwiches and extravagantly topped donuts. Don’t miss out on this place or its food truck while here, or else you’ll have many regrets.


8:00am: Brunch at Café No Se. This place is serious #goals from the incredible food to jaw dropping interior.

Cafe no se floor

Cafe no se floor

10:00pm: Pop into all the shops on South Congress; Uncommon Objects and Gypsy Wagon are my two can’t-miss recommendations! Don’t forget to take a picture at the iconic “I love you so much” wall while here. If you have room left a sweet treat, Amy’s Ice Cream has famously delicious ice cream! Never too early for ice cream, right?!

12:00pm: Go to The Contemporary Austin museum. They’ve been under big renovations, so it’s sure to impress you!

1:00pm: Lunch at Elizabeth Street Café. Another Austin classic, Elizabeth Street Café is known for its bright turquoise and pink exterior, and Vietnamese French fusion food. 

2:30pm: If you haven’t been to campus, it’s time to check out the University of Texas and it’s amazing stadium. Go to the Lyndon B. Johnson presidential library while you’re there too! 

3:30pm: Cool off from the Texas heat you experienced on the UT tour with one of the natural swimming holes in Austin. Barton Springs is a popular one!

5:00pm: One last food stop before you head out of town- early dinner at Walton’s Fancy and Staple! This is Sandra Bullock’s restaurant and holy moly, you can’t go wrong with anything here. 

7:00pm: See ya next time, Austin!

I swear I always gain a few pounds every time I head to Austin for the weekend. What better place to have that happen though, right? ;)  I hope you enjoy you visit to this fantastic city as much as I love living here!

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