Styling and accessorising your home on a budget

Move over fashion, home accessories are now officially my favourite things to shop for. Leave me unattended in the homeware section of any high street retailer and dangerous things will happen. Living in Cayman, I often pine after the likes Anthropologie and Zara Home to pick up gifts and decorations, but I also LOVE a good spree in a large TK Maxx or Target…and don’t even get me started on HomeSense in the UK - I would shop there everyday if I could. It’s probably a good thing that I live so far away from one…

When I was back in the UK in June I filled a cart to the brim with all kinds of goodies for the DreamHouse and decided to make a quick video when I got back home and unpacked them all which you can watch below. It’s the first time I’ve recorded a video like this so let me know what you think and if it’s something I should do more of, or just stick to blogging!

Keep reading below the video to see some of the other accessories I have around the house and where I got them from - including a few finds on island!


Aside from HomeSense, my favorite places to shop for accessories are:

  • Kirk Home - great for picture frames as well and they also have super cute door stops, candle holders and a good assortment of baskets

  • Vigoro nursery for succulents - I am NOT good with plants but I’ve just about managed to keep these alive!

  • Kirk Market - their “gift” area as you walk in has an awesome selection of small bowls which are actually really affordable

  • Anthropologie - sign up to their newsletter to be notified about their regular sales and make the most of them for unique glassware

  • Graham & Green - a UK home store that is all my dreams come true. It’s expensive (Anthro prices) but again, look out for sales and even their warehouse events where you can grab some accents to make your home just a little bit different. I bought our island light fixtures from G&G in the Boxing Day sales and picked up little surprises to sprinkle around the rest of the house in one of their online sales. Their Christmas decorations are pretty amazing too.

  • H&M Home - now in the US as well, their textiles in particular are fabulous, although keep in mind that you’ll need to buy cushion inserts on amazon or from Ikea if you like their cushion covers as none of them come stuffed. If anyone knows of a good place to buy cushion inserts in Cayman please let me know!

  • Amazon - as always, if you know what you want, Amazon probably has it! I found succulent pots, placemats, floating shelves, laundry hampers and trinkets that I couldn’t find anywhere else.

  • Wayfair - I’ve put this at the end as I think shopping for accessories is best done in person rather than online, but if you want things like photo frames and larger items it’s definitely a good option

I could go on for hours about accessories and probably do a post on each individual room - and in fact some of the items I bought at HomeSense have found their way into my nursery design for the new baby, which I think I’m going to blog about next!