Surviving Separation

One of the great things about living on a paradise island like Cayman is meeting people from all different walks of life, countries, cultures and backgrounds who, like us, decided to ditch life at home in search of something different, and ended up here. Thrown together, you make friends quickly and become what we refer to as the "Cayman family" in lieu of having your own close by. In a way, living in Cayman is a bit like moving back into university halls of residence. Most people come for 2 years, many stay for longer but few actually go the distance and decide to become permanent residents. A couple of years ago, two crazy Aussie's burst onto the Cayman scene and made a serious impression on our lives.

Hardcastles leaving

They quickly became 2 of our favorite people as we negotiated island living, holidays, weddings, nights out, nights in and many other adventures together. Then, almost as suddenly as the arrived, just before Christmas, they announced that they were leaving :(

We celebrated their final days here with numerous drinks parties and a special send off for Kate on the beach. Watching the sun go down with a bottle of bubbles and some junk food, bum plonked in the sand is one of my favorite ways to spend an evening. And that's exactly what we did.

When darkness fell we set off Chinese lanterns, sending with them our wishes and dreams into the night.


Throughout the emotional goodbye's we reminisced the ridiculously fun times this legendary couple bought to the island and our lives.

I hope their dreams come true back home in Perth and our paths cross again very soon. I knew there was a reason I was obsessed with Winnie the Pooh growing up - he knows his stuff...