Doing it for the kids

The kitesurfing community in Cayman, whilst growing rapidly, is still pretty small, and is, for the most part, made up of people well over the age of 25. I guess that's a result of the high cost associated with the sport and the fact that it's not exactly something you learn at school. But last season a couple of high school kids broke onto the Cayman scene - enter Tynan, Nik and Joe. These boys had their lessons with Sinclair from Waterman and then spent every minute of every windy day at the beach and on the water. Unsurprisingly they got good. Fast. It's so much fun having some young, fun people around who are pushing the boundaries of the sport and pushing me to try new tricks I'd never even thought of. With their parents dropping of pizza and gatorade at regular intervals they still have no reason to leave the beach at the weekend and will dream up news ways to enjoy kiting, even without wind - dragging each other along behind someone else's car was the order of the day a couple of weeks ago! I for one am looking forward to being out on the water with these guys this season, and watching them overtake the lot of us :)