It's not over till the fat lady sings

Apart from one morning this week (another stunning sunrise session) there's been very little wind recently and it's starting to feel like the season is over. Frustrating really because my season has been riddled with injuries - I had some big aims going into the season and when my foot recovered from having stitches I thought I could get back on my board and start where I left off but I was soon made to realize that your body doesn't work like that. There have been a few triumphs and new tricks (down loop s-bends, new grabs, dark slide) and I've continued to work on other things but in between I've had to remind myself that kiting is for fun and I shouldn't feel disappointed if I don't learn something new each session. Hopefully we'll have a few more windy days here before it goes away for the summer and I've got a week in Cabarete to look forward to in July! yay!