What's hot about the Nobile 50fifty

So it now been 2 weeks since my new board arrived so I though it would be useful to do a quick review of it! As I mentioned in my last post, I did find it very different to my old board at first (which was 5 cm shorter, a lot narrower and heavier!) and during my second session on the water I was still playing around with my stance and adjusting my foot pads. But the nice thing about the 50fifty, and actually all Nobile boards, is that the fins and bindings are quick release so you can adjust everything at the beach without needing a screw-driver. Once I found the right stance and my feet were comfortable, it took the rest of my session to get my balance right - taking off, popping and doing any sort of grab all of a sudden felt very alien to me when I switched to the new board. But this weekend, everything clicked into place. The board now feels like it's part of me and everything feels easier, higher and quite frankly, just a lot more fun! The board has an incredible amount of pop and there is hardly any spray at all through the chop. The only thing I was expecting it to be better at is going upwind, but it's not bad at that either. All in all, I'm super pleased with it, just looking at the graphics makes me happy, and I can't to take it out on my next session! If you're considering getting a new board speak to the guys at WATERMAN and let them set you up!