Woodward at Copper

Ever since it was built a few years ago I've dreamt of going to the Woodward Barn at Copper - an indoor facility with trampolines, sprung floors, snow flex jumps and a lot of foam pits. Its the ideal place to learn spatial awareness, new spins and flips and try to do tricks on skis without hurting yourself. I did a lot of gymnastics as a kid and I'm a good skier -but somehow I've always struggled to combine the two skills. Then we booked a ski holiday to Breckenridge over Christmas. This was my chance.

OMG this place is amazing! My gymnastics skills came back to me pretty quickly (with a lot more muscle pain the next day than I remember from my teens) and I was stoked to make it off even the big kickers in my first session. I didn't just concentrate on skiing though - I took one of the foam boards and strapped it to my feet to practice some spins and grabs for skiing as well.

If you're ever in the area, do yourself a favour and go there. $60 buys you a 2 hour intro session which is compulsory for anyone who wants to use the barn. After that its $30 for 2 hour drops ins. Check it out here