New moves

Just got back from 10 days in Cabarete, Dominican Republic and it's officially my new favorite holiday destination! Everything about the town is awesome - the beach, the people, the wind, the bars and restaurants....I'm looking forward to going back next year already! We were lucky to have great wind for 10 days straight and I'm pretty pleased with how my progression went. It took a couple of days to get used to the choppy water and learn how to do all my tricks in slightly more challenging conditions that the butter flat water in Cayman but after that I loved using the waves as kickers and learning some new things! I can now land F-16's going in both directions and my switch raleys are a lot better now too. Having mastered unhooked front rolls I also tried some S-bends and was getting some decent height. When it was too windy to unhook (there were a few afternoons I was overpowered on the 7)  had a lot of fun making sure that I could still do a bunch of different grabs, kite loops, downloops, loop transitions and even some double front loops. My main achievement was doing raley to toeside into a surface pass in both directions. I need to work on my consistency but I'm getting there! Now I'm going to start working on making my unhooked front and backloops bigger so that I can start landing blind and wrapped. Wish me luck!