Last week I bought myself a Breo watch to wear when I'm kitesurfing, and I tweeted a promise that I'd write a review - so here it is!

When my black Breo arrvived I thought it looked a little bit cheap - but then it is! Only a tenner gets you a lightweight, waterproof watch. I wore mine for a short session in chop and waves yesterday and it was excellent. You can wear it overtop of your wetsuit or underneath. I checked the time on a few occasions and it was easy to read. And the nice thing is that you have peace of mind that if you get in a pickle and your kitelines get caught on it, it'll come of easily without taking your wrist with it!

What's not to like? The only problem that I can see is that I now want one if every colour! I really like the Venture style as well (at the bottom)