For Women Only

Our fave kind of event - concentrating on girls in a male dominated sport. This time it's cycling and the Cycle Surgery in Kings Cross is holding a women only evening in their store from 7-9.

All too often bike shops are bulging with testosterone, which can be a little intimidating for us girls. So in a bid to readdress the balance and make their stores more welcoming Cycle Surgery is hosting a calendar of ‘women only’ evenings.

So whether you cycle to work everyday, are looking to enter your first sportive or regularly ride your local trails, you can go and experience what their stores have got to offer in a more relaxed environment (ie: with champagne and cup cakes!)

There will be bike maintenance and puncture repair workshops. Bike Envy co-founders Bex Hopkins (a former DH and XC mountain bike racer), and road and track racer Janet Birkmyre, will be on hand to give training advice.
Plus… there will be 10% off all purchases on the evening, and leading cycle brand Specialized are offering some gear as the prize in our prize draw.