Ilha do Guajiru - Promo Mario Rodwald & Philipp Brückmann

Posted on Monday Sep 28 0:00:00 BST 2009
I want to live here! A DVD of this amazing place in Brazil popped out of this month’s Kiteworld magazine. Excitedly I pushed it into the DVD player without realising that I was about to subject myself to slow and painful torture. This is a video about paradise. And about people who live in paradise. And it showcases some of the most incredible kitesurfing and windsurfing I’ve ever seen

Real estate is selling like hot cakes out in Ilha do Guariju as people are snapping up the chance to live here and business is booming. It’s an ecological marvel with incredible wildlife attracting scientists and tourists alike. The local town is full of beautiful people and the flat water magnet for water sports lovers is obvious.
Flights to Fortaleza are £365 one way… ouch. But then again, you only need to buy one cause why would you ever come home?