Posted on Thursday Jul 29 2:13:00 BST 2010

Ever get tired legs after a long kiting session? Just Image what Louis  must be feeling as he attempts to kite 2000km along Brazil's coast and complete the longest ever solo kitesurfing trip. He set off yesterday and hopes to complete the trip from Salvador to Sao Luis in a month - amazing! Why is he doing it? In his own words:

  • Set a new World Kitesurf Distance Record
  • Raise money for the Surf Aid charity
  • Inspire people to try kitesurfing and kite adventures
  • Push the sport of adventure kitesurfing to the next level
  • Push myself physically and mentally

The most incredible thing is that he is doing the whole trip with just one kite and one board and he's carrying all of his belongings including his hammock for a bed in a waterproof backpack!
Is he a little crazy? We think so, but he's also very well prepared and very experienced. We'll be following his blog every step of the way.

To follow Louis on his expedition, check out his blog where you can also track his exact GPS location and donate money to SurfAid.

Good luck Louis!