Posted on Tuesday Jun 22 2:10:00 BST 2010

A few years ago, I picked up a Roxy rash vest in Australia. A lovely sleeveless rash vest, perfect for the warm waters and avoiding short sleeved tan marks. It survived a year of surfing down-under and it's been on every holiday with me every since and as a result it's now about to die - sad times. I didn't realise how sad until I tried to find a replacement which is apparently impossible. Why does no one sell them? Why does no one want them? There is NOTHING worse than going on holiday, having an epic kiting or surfing session and then going out to celebrate but having to wear a jumper instead of your new summer dress thanks to a ridiculous high neck and sleeve tan.

LUCKILY i found a lovely one on

GET ONE! If you're going somewhere hot this summer, trust me you can't go without one. And if you're a surf / kite shop reading this - PLEASE start stocking them!