Posted on Wednesday May 12 4:02:00 BST 2010
Kite season is in full swing and last weekend saw 2 awesome sessions on the water. Big group of friends, empty beaches, steady wind - nothing to complain about right? WRONG - we can complain about having to put on a wet, cold wetsuit on the second day. I'll admit, it's a small gripe, and a good day of kitesurfing is worth it. But what if there was something that could ease that main, even make it go away alltogehter? Well there IS something that can help!

The Hangair, from the states, promises to dry your wetsuit 70% faster than just hanging it out on a regular hanger. £40 is quite dear but we think it's worth it, if only for a smug look you can give other people at the beach. It comes with a little motor and fan to speed up the drying process and will plug into a normal socket or your cigarette lighter.

We want one, only problem is, does that make us wimps? Kitesurfing is meant to be an extreme sport...we're meant to be hard as nails.......