Posted on Wednesday Dec 9 12:45:00 GMT 2009
Last week I went to a special lecture at the Howies Store, Carnaby St. The guys from Salomon came down to talk about their GIFT technology which uses Bamboo in their snowboards. Their centrepiece board of The Green Initiative for Tomorrow (GIFT) is called the Sick Stick (amazing name) and in a nutshell, compared to your average board It’s made with 20% less petroleum-based materials, uses 25% non-renewable materials and weighs 10% less. The whole thing is packaged up in a bamboo weave bag rather than a plastic sleeve and all the hang tags are lovingly printed on recycled paper.
Here’s a pic of the one I was allowed to hold and have a look at – it looks so retro, I love it.
sick stick
Legend Wolfgang Nyvelt is a massive fan of this board and has supported the GIFT project from the very beginning. Here’s a small taster of what it’s capable of:


It retails at a pretty reasonable price of £399. For more info go to