Posted on Thursday Dec 17 5:00:00 GMT 2009
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Over the last few years I’ve become frustrated with my skiing progression – a week’s holiday isn’t long enough to brush up your big mountain hucking skills and learn new tricks in the park and I feel like I really need to do another season to learn all the stuff that I want to learn before my body gives up. I’m already getting a bit chicken about breaking a leg / bruising my butt and ruining the rest of my expensive holiday when I attempt 2 foot of air on my first day, and I’ve always wanted to find a place where you can practice big tricks without the pain. The air bag is one good method of learning flips and jumps as you can pretty much land on your head and not hurt yourself.
BUT Copper Mountain has just opened the ultimate facility for skiers wanting to learn new skills – The Copper Barn looks AMAZING! And I want to go. Now.
copper snow

The Barn is the first indoor ski and snowboard training facility with 19,000 square feet of terrain park and pipe progression.  It’s split into three zones:

Gym Cross Training Area

  • Spring Floor 54ft x 22ft
  • 6 Olympic grade Flybed trampolines – three that go into Foam
  • 2 Foam pits that are 22 ft. x 22 ft. x 7ft. deep
  • Trampoline Harness System
  • 18’ Tumble Track into Foam
  • 54’ x 22’ Spring Floor
  • Tons of different foam mats for safety and training

Snow Zone

  • 6,200 square feet of Snowflex
  • 35 ft. tall Big Air drop-in with 3 different size jumps to foam pit landing
  • 8 ft. Snowflex Cliff to foam pit
  • Foam pit 48 ft. x 27 ft. x 7 ft. deep
  • Snowflex Jib run with 10 ft. box and 15ft. flat-down rail
  • Snowflex 10 ft. quarter pipe and 7 ft. quarter pipe with log stall
copper pitt

I used to do a lot of gymnastics so I should be pretty good………