Posted on Wednesday Oct 28 0:00:00 GMT 2009
Ordering stuff on line and getting it through the post is amazing – the postman brings you a present every day! What’s better than that?!
And I am getting mail order happy with kit ready for my next kiting holiday in Egypt. And what love about kitesurfing and wakeboarding companies is the lovely service you receive. Still a growing industry, people that run the shops are themselves extreme sports enthusiasts and as a result are the nicest people in the world. My love of extreme sports shop owners started with the guy that sold me my wetsuit booties. He called me to let me know that my order was out of stock, but I could actually save money by getting kids booties instead which were just as good and would fit just as well. He was right – they’re ace and I saved a tenner! Thanks guys!
When my boyfriend rang Kiteworld to change the address on his subscription, they asked him where he rode and where he was heading at the weekend.
And when I ordered my new harness two days ago and explained that I was off to Egypt I was assured that it would come in time and sent a personal email when it was despatched to say that I’d have it in plenty of time for my holiday and wishing me a good time. That is way beyond the call of duty and just so nice! But that’s part of what I love about these sports. People are just so nice and helpful. I hope it continues.
So here it is – a pic of my harness which I bought from and which arrived this morning. I’ve been siting at my desk at work in it and it’s perfect!!!

pure girl
And to go with it – I just HAD to have a brand spankers new pair of boardies. And here they are thanks for the guys at