Posted on Friday Oct 2 0:00:00 BST 2009
Counting the days until our holiday in El Gouna now!!! And in preparation I have purchased a pair of Surf Sunglasses which came on Wednesday!

surf glasses

Kiting in Fuerteventura taught me a lesson pretty quickly and after only a couple of hours on the water my eyes were sore and red. It can't be good for them! A couple of the guys we made friends with out there had surf glasses and although they looked a bit like flies and had really dodgy tan marks, they weren't risking blindness everyday! So I decided to get some. A lot of research later I found out that I wanted a pair with hydrophobic solution on them so that the salt water didn't stick to them. This pair came up in an online shop ( and were only £20. Bargain. And a 2 minute test in the bath showed that water flushed off them really quickly. They feel snug on my head and don't fall off when I shake and jump about.