Posted on Thursday Sep 3 0:00:00 BST 2009
That's the only problem with kitesurfing isn't it? That you can't have wind when you want it. You can't pay for it or ship it in. Even if you drive for miles you to find it, it can still run away from you.

This week has been super windy. I'm loving the latest tweet from Boardworx:!!! But the weekend forecast?? Very questionable and changing by the hour. So once again the lake vs beach dilemma is right on the wire. Wakeboard or Kiteboard? At least, at the moment, it looks like we might get some September sun.

Last weekend was amazing - turned up at Camber Sands to a fairly flat sea (as opposed to double over head crashing in and 40 knots of wind that we had on our last visit - people kitebugying holding only a t-shirt and a girl out on a 3m!!!!!) Got straight in the water. Wasn't quite enough to get going but more than enough to practice a few jumps and muck around in the shallows. It picked up just as I was starting to get bored and the waves had formed into perfect little ramps. 3 hours later and I was far from bored, but my legs were ready to fall off. Enough bum clenching to stay up wind for one day! The perfect session, perfect wind and perfect sun!

The tide soon came in and we packed up the kite and bundled everything in the car but we weren't done with the area. We drove round to Greatsone and felt like we were going back in time. The most surreal experience! An old fishing town with little houses, fishing boats and bizarre shops and restaurants / cafe's.

 A lovely place to drive through, very calming - ending with a skip along a pontoon which protects the national park land stretching out to see. Greatstone national park - well worth a visit if you're ever in the area!