Styling and accessorising your home on a budget

Move over fashion, home accessories are now officially my favourite things to shop for. Leave me unattended in the homeware section of any high street retailer and dangerous things will happen. Living in Cayman I often pine after the likes Anthropologie and Zara Home to pick up gifts and decorations, but I also LOVE a good spree in a large TK Maxx or Target when they have good stock. And don’t get me started on HomeSense in the UK - I would shop there everyday if I could. It’s probably a good thing that I live so far away from one…

When people ask where I bought the “accessories” for our house from, the answer is again that I mainly sourced them off island. I have found a few bits and bobs at Buy Smart, Kirk Home and AL Thompsons, but the really fun stuff is from abroad.

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48 hours in Sedona

As part of our baby moon to Arizona last week, we spent 2 nights in Sedona, an easy 2 hour drive north of Phoenix. It was absolutely magical and if we’d had more time, money (accommodation is EXPENSIVE) and I wasn’t pregnant (it sadly rules out a lot of the fun outdoors activities) I would have loved to stay longer, but there’s a lot you can pack into 48 hours if that’s all you have!

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What to eat, drink and do on a short break in Boston

I recently spent a week in Boston to attend a marketing conference - a city I’d never been to but always wanted to visit and one that was full of surprises. Rich is history, architecture, unique eateries, and ridiculously easy to navigate, Boston won me over in a matter of minutes.

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